Rideshare Drivers United : Principles

We believe:

1. By organizing together, rideshare drivers have the power to transform their work and the rideshare industry, from worker exploitation to worker dignity and fairness.
2. Rideshare drivers are a conscious part of a vibrant social movement to positively transform the larger gig economy and will work with other like-minded organizations to build this movement.
3. At the heart of our struggle, workers must build their own organizations and ensure their own voice in the fight for fairness and justice in the new economy.

What we stand for:

Dignity – We treat each other with respect, and demand the same treatment from employers.
Democracy – With many voices, we operate transparently, building a democratic organization with democratic decision-making.
Unity and Diversity – We stand together, united, with respect for our diversity in every aspect, and our many voices as a unified force for justice and fairness.
Equity – All for one and one for all - members realize an equal share of our victories and successes.
Solidarity – we work together with groups with shared values towards common goals.