Next week we're making our FINAL push to pass AB5, and we need YOU! With Uber and Lyft killing the surge and cutting pay across the country to as little as 32 cents a mile, we KNOW things will continue to get worse for drivers UNLESS we pass laws to regulate the rideshare companies and ensure they follow basic labor standards.
And now is our chance! For the past several months RDU members have been fighting for a clean AB5, that does not compromise employee rights for app deployed workers like us and with no giveaways to Uber & Lyft. We've visited with senators in their district office, we've lobbied LA City Council for an endorsement of AB5, and we've travelled in a small group to lobby in Sacramento. But with the final AB5 vote right around the corner, we need to make one final, strong push to make sure drivers have our concerns met. So next week, we're taking a bus to Sacramento to lobby for AB5 and you're invited.
Although we've been fighting hard to pass AB5 and the effort is beginning to bear fruit, Uber and Lyft are not giving up. Just this week they enlisted former US Senator Barbara Boxer to stab drivers in the back by teaming up with Uber and Lyft to water down AB5. We can't let the tech and political elites silence the voices of working drivers!
That's why we need YOU with us on the bus next Wednesday. Join us on Tuesday September 3rd at 11 PM, as we gather here in LA to ride together to Sacramento for a day of lobbying. We'll leave LA on a private bus by midnight, arrive in Sacramento on Wednesday morning, and spend the day lobbying politicians before returning to LA on Wednesday night. There are a limited number of seats on the bus so please be committed to coming if you sign up. A driver-volunteer will be in touch with you for details.
Sept. 3rd 11pm to Sept. 4th 11pm
Round trip to Sacramento on RDU bus